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Buying your first car is an exciting time. As a new driver, all the different advice on what options are available to you can be quite confusing and when you’re making such an important and expensive decision, it’s vital that you get it right. Here’s a handy guide to buying your first car to help you make the right decision:

1) Budget

Firstly, have an idea of how much you’re wanting to spend as this will help your narrow down your options. Buying a used car is a much more realistic expectation than being able to afford a brand-new car which will instantly decrease in value. On top of this, budget for the running costs and any maintenance you may have to front in the future. Once you have a budget in mind you can start looking at makes and models.

2) Makes and Models

Finding a make and model that suits your needs is a vital step. If this is your first car and you’ve only recently passed your test, looking at a hatchback is recommended as they are easier to park and much more convenient for getting used to the roads as you can nip in and out of traffic with ease.

3) Private Seller or Dealership?

There are many options, so look at both private sellers and dealers like AA Cars, when searching for a used car, often you can’t be too fussy when looking at different trims or colours as what is available is what is on offer but both options are available. Often buying from a dealership gives you greater protection later down the line should anything go wrong with your car as you can trace the history.

4) Test Drive

Any car that you’re seriously considering buying you should always take out for a test drive. This gives you a feel for the car and helps you to identify anything that you might not like about it at an early stage, the most important things to check are the brakes and the steering. If you’ve had the majority of your driving lessons in quite a new car it might seem quite different driving an older vehicle so it’s important to get used to it as the features may be in a different place.

With all these things to think about, you’ll be able to make an informed and well thought out decision when comparing all the options for buying your first car.