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Lewis Hamilton Romanian car manufacturer Dacia is rapidly growing in popularity and their reputation has soared in recent years. Originally founded in 1966, they have been a subsidiary of Renault since 1999 and it was this acquisition which set them on the path to success.

Introduction to the Western Market
With the introduction of the Dacia Logan in 2005; this was the manufacturer’s first model which was suited to the crucial Western European market. It became extremely popular and one of the best-selling cars in Central and Eastern Europe (as well as Russia). This success paved the way for a new engineering centre and styling office, which allowed for new and improved designs to be made.

Company Ethos
In the last 10 years, Dacia has unveiled popular and high-quality vehicles that include the Sandero, Duster, Lodgy and Dokker. These all were designed with their key philosophy in mind, which is "space and quality, at an unbelievable price". Dacia also appeal to a variety of motorists, having developed hatchbacks, SUV’s, compact MPV’s, utility vehicles and leisure activity vehicles.

Growing Success
Their robust, reliable and affordable vehicles have been both critical and commercial successes in recent years, earning awards including Top Gear’s 2012 "Bargain of the Year" and the 2012 Scottish Car of the Year. 2015 was a landmark year for Dacia, 10 years after their revival, delivering their 3.5 millionth car to the roads and setting a new sales record with 550,920 units. They are now Romania’s top company by revenue and largest exporter, plus their manufacturing plant in Argeş County is the 5th largest (by volume) in all of Europe.

Increased Demand
With an increase in reputation, more and more automotive suppliers ensuring that they carry a selection of Dacia models to satisfy the growing demand. This includes reputable suppliers like Shelbourne Motors amongst others. At the current rate, it is easy to see the Romanian manufacturer soon rubbing shoulders with the key players in the European market.

Dacia’s global rise to become a key player in the current car market is an impressive success story and they appear to be going from strength to strength. The reason for their success can be attributed to their affordability and design. Dacia’s vehicles utilise innovative design which comes with proven technology; the result is cars that are easy to drive without having to pay for unwanted extras built into the cost.