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Formula E: What Should You Expect?

Formula One is arguably the most popular racing Motorsport competition in the world. However, there is a new kid on the block, which is about to take over. Formula E might only be four years old, but the race is quite exhilarating. And you could even bet on the matches like with Bethard, did you know?

If you are interested in the future of electric car racing then here is all you need to know about formula E.

Lung Wo Road Formula Race view 20161009
Wpcpey [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What is Formula E?

Formula E is the latest entry to motorsports racing. It might not compare to F1, but the competition is one you should not miss. There are a few things that make formula E so competitive. Formula E races take place in tight circuits in cities such as Hong Kong, New York, Zurich, and Rome.

Moreover the drivers' race in the same cars which have similar battery packs. These three elements are what makes the track so exciting since the competition is at an all-time high. Moreover, the races practically occur on the same day as the practice, which is dubbed as the super pole. Therefore you do not have to incur regular fees since everything is done all in one day.

The cars.

As mentioned earlier, the drivers in formula E drive the same cars. However, they are different in terms of color due to various sponsorships, but the battery pack and everything else is the same. The vehicles are powered by two electric motors which are supplied power by a battery at the middle. The engines don't make as much noise like the ones in Formula One, but it doesn't mean that the Formula E race is silent. The tight circuits create all manner of tire and break squeals as they turn in corners at mesmerizing speeds.

Currently, the rate of F1 cars is 140mph. However, according to the FIA, the second generation of Formula E race cars should top speed at 186mph. They need to have an increased battery performance and a new chassis to hit this speed.

What happens during race Day?

Formula E races can either take place during the entire three day weekend. However, there are occasions where they take race only on Saturday and Sunday. While at other times the competition can take place only on Sunday. The race day usually starts with free practice, which takes about forty-five minutes.

The next round is the qualifying round where drivers are placed into random groups. The qualifiers take about one hour. The lap times determines where the race driver will start at the race. Each driver has only six minutes to qualify, and the top five will make it to the primary race.

The e-Prix lasts or about fifty-five minutes. It is Paramount that each driver should take a pip stop so that they can change cars. This is because in the e-Prix there are no tire changes. Since the drivers' race in the same vehicles, the fans have the chance to boost the power of three drivers. This is known as the fan boost.