Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

There are plenty of positive reasons for buying a used car; you get a huge amount of choice with pretty much every manufacturer being available – but more significantly, you can get yourself a quality car for a more affordable price.

Before you dive straight into a purchase of the first car you see, you should take your time and properly browse the used markets, then when you have a car in mind, you should carry out the following checks:

The Condition of the Tyres

Look at the tread depth of the tyres to make sure they are within the legal limits. If they’re borderline, you might want to negotiate with the seller about getting these replaced.

The Bodywork

Check over the bodywork for any damage or evidence of rust. Even the smallest of chips can let in moisture and lead to the chassis being weaker and more susceptible to further problems.

The History of the Car

The last thing you’ll want is to find out further down the line you’ve been sold a car that has had numerous replaced parts or has been in several accidents. This is why it pays to get the vehicle’s history checked out first – to do this you can use companies like HPI Check to find out everything you need to know.

The Interior

The inside of the car is just as important as the outside, so you need to look over all the interior and check all the functions and on-board systems are in full working order.

Under the Bonnet

The same can be said for under the bonnet. Check the levels of the important fluids and give the engine bay a once over to look for any leaks or any corrosion to the key components.

The Average Price

Something external to check as well is the average pricing of the vehicle you have in mind. This will vary depending on the age, model, trim, mileage and overall condition, so it pays to research similar types of car in case you need to negotiate if you feel the price is too high.

The Taxes, Fuel Costs and Insurance

Remember to also ask about the road tax costs, how fuel-efficient it is and get some insurance quotes as well; you don’t want to find yourself with a car that you can’t afford to run.

Once you’ve gone through these steps and find that the used car itself is safe and secure, then it’s time to get buying and make the most of what could turn out to be an absolute bargain.