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Any classic car owner will see their vehicle as an extension of themselves and you will, therefore, take great pride in its appearance. They can also be seen as an ongoing project, as there are dozens of different ways that you can spruce your car to improve its looks (and performance). With a little knowledge, you can also give your vehicle a modern makeover whilst retaining its classic charm. Here are a few easy ways to transform your classic car.

5. Repainting – There is no better way to revitalise a vehicle than with a fresh coat of paint. Not only can this make it look brand new, but it can also eliminate the awful scratches that you notice each time you look at the car. A good paint job can be expensive, but there are places that offer more affordable services and you may be able to find a good deal.

4. New seat covers – The seat covers have an enormous impact on how the vehicle both looks and feels (from both the inside and out). A quick and affordable way to transform your classic car is to pick out new seat covers and you could consider some that are significantly different to your current ones. If money permits, you could even completely replace the seats.

3. Replace the carpet – Along with the seats, the carpet can significantly impact the look of interior. It is also the area which often looks the most worn, so replacing the carpet can freshen up the car and even improve the smell. It is recommended that you select dark colours so that stains and grease do not show.

2. Replace the gas struts – Nothing reminds you more of how old your car is when you open the boot/tailgate to find that it does not hold like it should. Replacing the struts will give the vehicle new life and make accessing these areas easier. Find the part number printed on your old gas strut and then find the same one at specialist suppliers, like SGS Engineering. Online tutorials can show you how to replace your struts.

1. New tires – Like new shoes, new tires can improve both the overall look and performance. Bigger tires are a great way to do this and you are sure to notice the difference from outside and behind the wheel. Taking all, or some, of these steps will spruce your car and give it a fresh look without losing its classic charm.