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2020 Vietnam Grand Prix

Ha Long Bay panorama
FLASHPACKER TRAVELGUIDE [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rumors about the introduction of the Vietnam Grand Prix were spread throughout 2018. F1 went ahead to confirm the news, and the race circuit is set to make its debut on the F1 calendar on April 2020. Here is all the information about the new F1 Grand Prix.

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The Grand Prix Circuit

The Vietnam Grand Prix is set to be the first F1 race to be held in Vietnam. It is also the fourth street race which will b held next year. Tilke is already constructing the 3.5 mile in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. This is the company that gave us circuits such as the Yas Marinas in Abu Dhabi and the Americanas. A stimulation of what the course might look like has already been revealed.

The circuit is located 20 minutes downtown Hanoi in the district of Nam Tu Liem. There are new paddocks and semi-permanent pit which are being constructed. The race will be a street race; therefore, two-thirds of the competition will use public roads. However, the final lap will occur at a snaking section which is being constructed from the ground up.

The track is characterized by never-ending wide long straights that are about 1.5km. They will also have grandstands on both sides that are meant to Create a stadium. Roundabouts connect the long straights into braking zones. This will offer a lot of overtaking options to the drivers, but they will still be a challenge.

According to the Tilke company, in between the grandstand and the stadium, there will be a section which will host both local and international fans. There will also be fun activities and a lot of Vietnamese regional cuisines. Moreover, the stadium is expected to host a concert during the weekend.

About the Vietnamese Grand Prix

The Vietnam Grand Prix is the first ever F1 race which will be held in the country, and surely is going to be an exciting one. Although the state does not have a lot of racing competitions, the national team does well in international competitions. It is expected that the Grand Prix will not only introduce a new tradition in the country but increase the motorsports fan base.

The new owners of F1; Liberty have started to revamp the sport. The Vietnam Grand Prix is one of the races which have been added in the F1 2020 racing calendar. The Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort has also been included to take place next year. Zandvoort will host the tournament for the first time in 35 years. The addition of the Vietnam Grand Prix has increased F1 rounds to 23. The Vietnam Grand Prix is the fourth street race alongside Monaco, Azerbaijan, and Singapore.