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Formula 1 – Impatient Hamilton saved by Bottas crash


Lewis Hamilton threw away his Mercedes in the rain race in Imola. The accident caused a worst-case scenario against Max Verstappen. Then luck and the ability of the racers came to play a huge part in the race. If you also want to try out your own luck, you can visit casino online NetBet. There are plenty of sport themed games.

The will go down in Formula 1 history as one of the most chaotic races ever - and in the history of the memorable races of Lewis Hamilton. In Imola, however, this time it was not a brilliant performance by the seven-time world champion and record winner of the premier class across the board. On the contrary. Hamilton's races were initially characterized by a small weakness and a big mistake before the Briton once again burned his entire Racecraft into the asphalt.

The key scene of his race was a mid-race accident. On lap 31, Hamilton launched an attempt to lap George Russell. In Tosa, the world champion sat next to the Williams on the inside, left the dry ideal line, and landed on the wet part of the asphalt. The first half of the Grand Prix was characterized by light rain and damp conditions.

Lewis Hamilton: First mistake in a long time

During his maneuver, Hamilton misjudged the grip next to the dryline, his Mercedes developed almost no braking effect, and slipped through the gravel bed on the outside of the narrow hairpin, the boundary of the route came closer and closer, despite all the efforts, an impact was inevitable. Hamilton came to a stop. The end? No. After what felt like an eternity, Hamilton backed up, freed his F1 W12, and drove on. However, Hamilton was almost 90 seconds behind the leader, Max Verstappen.

"But the part just didn't want to stop and so it carried me out,” says the Briton, describing the decisive scene. “Somewhat unfortunate, but I'm grateful that we got it going again and got a few points. That was really important today."

After all, Verstappen at the top was rid of his only opponent in the fight for victory due to Hamilton's mistake. The Dutchman was on his way to land a big point in the World Cup fight against Hamilton. "Without a doubt, it will be very valuable in the course of the season to have made it back to P2 today and to have scored these points," says Hamilton. “If we had lost 25 points today it would have been tough to get that back. For the first time, Red Bull has a car that is suitable for the World Cup and is incredibly fast."

So Hamilton made it back to second place. Despite a huge backlog. How? The Brit benefited from an accident of the pilot who had previously caused his mistake: George Russell. Because the Williams driver collided violently with Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas, the race management interrupted the race completely. That not only zeroed Hamilton's deficit - ninth at the time - but also allowed Mercedes to repair accident damage.

Hamilton & Verstappen touch at the start

Since turn two of the first lap of the race, Hamilton had been driving with a defective front wing. In the Tamburello, Hamilton and Verstappen had touched slightly in the battle for the lead. Verstappen had the best start in the leading group from P3 and accelerated everyone. “I didn’t get off the best at the start, it was very tricky with the conditions. But we're only human, you can learn from this little mistake, ”says the Briton. Hamilton held against it before the first corner. Then in turn two, it got tight - too tight.

"Max came over more and more. We touched each other lightly and then I had to hit this big notch," said Hamilton, describing a flight insert. Hamilton only narrowly claimed P2. Damage to the endplate on his front wing made life difficult for the Briton. “That changed the balance,” says Hamilton. Verstappen quickly built up a lead of five seconds.

But the pendulum suddenly swung in the other direction again, with Hamilton catching up again “Lewis had a two-part race. The first half was affected by the damage to his front wing after contact with Max. That improved slightly when the footplate came off completely, but there was still a lot of load and balance missing,” explains Mercedes engineer Andrew Shovlin.

This succeeded because Verstappen's tires deteriorated faster. Just in time, the Dutchman beat a Hamilton undercut on lap 27. The Brit came to a lap later. Despite a fast final lap on the Intermediate, Hamilton remained behind Verstappen - also due to a slow pit stop of around four seconds. So Hamilton was back behind Verstappen when he made his big mistake.

Bottas crash zeroed Hamilton backlog

A mistake that has burned itself into the British. “I could have just got out, but I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad I went backward and then turned all the anger into positive energy!"

Hamilton then showed that in the second half of the race, now with the car completely repaired. That even helped Hamilton to still lead the World Cup with 26:25 points against Verstappen. "I'm just grateful for the lesson." “His chase to catch up after the restart was absolutely first class”, praised Toto Wolff. "Leading the world championship thanks to the fastest race lap is one thing, but what was a small ray of hope today and gives the day a positive note is the fact that we seem to have a really fast racing car."