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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cheap Essay Writing Service

Essay writing is a part of the academic course, irrespective of which grade you are attending. Consequently, students have to write it as either an assignment, homework, or in exams. Due to different types of and the changing requirements from each grade to the next, most students cannot learn the art of essay writing. So, to better cope, many students use the Edujunlges writing service.

From high school to college, the significance of academic assignments dramatically increases. In school, you may be able to work for extra credit to cover the shortcomings of essay writings, but you rarely have these chances in college. A student online writing services to help manage their academic burden. You can find a cheap essay writing website online to cater to your budget and have them craft an excellent piece of paper for you. Although, choosing the writing service is not an easy task when you have to manage a student’s budget. Here are some factors you can keep an eye out for to help you.

Find reviews and customer comments

The tell-tale sign of any cheap reliable essay writing service is what their previous clientele says about them. It is impossible to have 100% good experiences, but what depends is how many bad experiences there have been and how they were handled.

A good site will always have a rating system or a comments section where previous customers can post about their experiences. This practice allows them to showcase their best qualities and help students make informed decisions. There are a few independent online platforms that rank best essay writing service and their performances. It is an entirely unbiased platform, and you can go through them to shortlist any services you fancy.

Furthermore, you can ask your colleagues and friends for recommendations and their experiences. At the college level, many students will have already used cheap essay writing services to help them. It may help you stay away from any scams or low-quality work. Although do be careful not to ask your professor about it; it will surely cost you a grade.

Good cheap writing services will have an active customer service system. You can find out by the essay reviews or by contacting them. Since your assignment is in their hands, you need to be able to keep tabs on it. Many websites will give you a deadline date, and that is it. Try to steer clear of such websites. Instead, go for the ones that you can reach out to anytime and know will respond. Your best bet is a service that offers;

  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. Allows contact with the writer of the assignment

Avoid selecting cheap services.

You may think that you can save money and get your paper written if you opt for the cheapest essay writing service. That is a mistake that will cost you a lot more. Essay writing is a difficult task. It requires

  1. Time
  2. Effort
  3. And research

Think about it; if it were so easy, then you could have written it yourself. A cheap service will guarantee to write an essay for you in no time. It means that the assignment will be copied from somewhere, or it will lack quality. Both of these will cost you your grade, and that is money down the drain.

Instead of looking for a cheap service, why not look for a custom essay service. These services are not cheap but are still affordable for a student. In addition to being affordable, they offer a few price alternatives for students. They have a series of seasonal discounts that they offer, such as;

  1. First-time user discount coupons – 10 to 15%
  2. Exam season discount coupons – 15%
  3. End of semester discount coupons -5%
  4. Twenty-five orders discount coupon- 25%

With these offers and promo codes you can use at checkout, you can easily evade using a very cheap essay service. Furthermore, they also allow students three payment options. You can either pay all at once or pay a deposit with the remaining amount paid when the order is received. The third option is to pay in three installments;

  1. Once when you place the order
  2. Second during the mid-point of order and deadline
  3. The last payment is when you receive and approve the order

Check for a plagiarism report

As a student, your biggest concern with using a cheap essay writer is the chance of plagiarism. Before choosing a service, always conduct thorough research and look at their offerings. An unreliable service will offer the paper one or two additional services. However, a reliable and good website will offer a plethora of complimentary services.

The top service you should keep an out for is a plagiarism report. These days every college professor has access to plagiarism detection or turn-in-it software. They will immediately capture any copied material without delay, and you get an F. So with essay search, you can find reliable service that will offer to run your custom assignment through plagiarism detection software. The generated report will be attached with the order as proof of authenticity.

It helps the service retain its customers and build confidence. So, the next time you want to buy a cheap essay, you will opt for the service with the plagiarism report. Another good service to look for is their money-back guarantee or refund policies. A few services will offer free refunds if the order is plagiarized or does not meet the deadline.

Choose a service with a variety of writing styles

Every student has a different writing style; your is utterly different from your best friend in class and vice versa. Therefore, it becomes imperative that when you want cheap essay help, a writer knows how to write with your style. A professor will immediately catch on if the assignment is written in a style that varies from your previous assignments. So, when you think,” I want someone to write my essay,” be sure to add the afterthought “with my writing style.”

Revisions should be free

The biggest giveaway of a scam writing website and a real one is whether or not they offer free revisions. A reliable service takes responsibility and will offer free revisions for at least two weeks. If a service does not, then it is not for you.


Essay writing is a daunting task, but what is even more challenging is finding a suitable writing service for yourself. Since there are so many, it is easy to get scammed into a low-quality paper. Hopefully, with these tips, you can find the best service for you!