Alberto Ascari

Enzo Ferrari and Alberto Ascari Alberto Ascari Carrera Panamericana

Alberto Ascari before a raceAscari in Lancia D50 prior to Pau GP - 1955Ascari winning the British GP with 2nd place Taruffi - 1952Ascari with Enzo Ferrari

Ascari in Lancia D25 - 1954Ascari glancing back at rivalAscari in Ferrari 500 at Spa 1952Ascari in Lancia D50 - 1955

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"Fangio," said Jenks, "was a great driver, with some qualities which have never been matched, but I always thought Ascari was better – in equal cars he could beat Fangio whenever he wanted. In my estimation Ascari was the greatest driver of the ’50s, and he belongs in my ‘pantheon’ list, with Moss, Clark, Villeneuve and Senna."

Denis Jenkinson