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The Excitement of Formula 1 Betting

Every year more than half of a billion people watch the Formula One World Championship, making it the most-watched sporting event in the world. The World Cup and the Olympics are the only other sporting events that can outmatch it in the number of people who tune in to them.

The way it captivates the imagination of so many people around the world is proof of its excitement and attractiveness. Why exactly is Formula 1 one of the most exciting sport in the world and is this also reflected in the betting world? Let’s see.

F1 Craze

Formula 1 is completely different from other sports in many ways. Even better said, it combines very different sporting elements into something unique and remarkable. At the same time, it can be viewed as an individual sport, in which the spotlight is on the specific abilities and character of the driver, and also as a team sport - on a very fundamental level. In fact, it can be said that in this sport, the engineers are as important as the athletes. During a typical race weekend, the driver is in the car only for about 6 and half hours. On the other hand, the race team literally spends thousands of hours preparing the car.

Also, F1 offers not only the drama of the competition between competitors but between teammates as well. Needless to say, this produces very interesting dynamics between the drivers. And finally, there is the incredible excitement of the race itself. It is simultaneously very dangerous for the driver and a total spectacle for the audience.

Formula 1 Ideal Motor Sport for Betting

F1 is an ideal sport for betting. Money makes the world go around, as they say, and F1 racing requires a lot of it. This also means that a lot of money can be made in it, and this is not limited only to the participants themselves. And as an F1 season lasts for months, a lot of money can be made by investing in different bets that range from winning drivers to picking the overall winning constructor.

With so many different drivers to choose from, so many races to bet on, and so many different types of bets to work with, the possibilities to earn a lot of money are endless when it comes to F1 betting.

You can choose between betting on a particular driver to win the race (to-win bets), on a driver that you think is going to do well, and finish on the podium (podium finish), you can bet on which driver out of two will finish higher than the other one in a particular race (driver match-ups), or on which driver will qualify for the first slot in the starting grid (pole position), or you can bet on what team will be the Champion at the end of the season (future bets). And there are many other options.

How Is Formula 1 Betting Different From Online Casinos?

Betting on sports, including F1, always requires a lot of thinking about strategy. You will always need to get very familiar with a particular sport if you want to bet on it in a way that makes sense.

In the case of F1, this means you can study many different strategies of betting. For example, some people bet on multiple drivers in the same race - If the payout odds on particular drivers are generous enough you can still turn a profit that way, as long as one of the drivers you chose wins. There are many other strategies to choose from, but they all require getting to know the sport well.

In contrast to that, to play online casino games, like the many ones offered at SkyCity Online Casino you don't need any specific knowledge. You can simply scratch or spin the reels and let fate do all the work. Great for people who just want to play.

What to expect in F1 2021?

There are additionally exciting things for us to look forward to in 2021 Formula 1.

  • The iconic Schumacher name will be back on the grid for the first time since 2012. This time it's Michael’s son Mick. The young Schumacher will make his F1 debut with Haas and he already has impressive formula achievements behind him – He won the 2018 F3 championship and in 2020 the F2 Championship.
  • Lewis Hamilton broke many records in 2020 and was even successful in beating Michael Schumacher’s tally of 91 victories. All of this helped Hamilton to claim a dominant seventh championship, matching Schumacher’s record. This means that in 2021 we could see Hamilton move to the absolute top of the tree with his eighth title triumph.

There are also many other reasons to expect a very exciting F1 season, maybe even a historic one. Hopefully, the Formula 1 betting excitement will follow the same trend.