Fangio and Moss

Fangio leading Monza

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At Monza 1953 my mechanics could not find why my car was vibrating," he recalled. "They told me on Saturday night, 'You go and sleep well because your car is not going to vibrate tomorrow.' When the race started my car was not vibrating. The car that was vibrating was [team-mate] Bonetto's. During the night the mechanics had swapped the cars and repainted the numbers."

As told by Juan-Manuel Fangio

I thought I was taking this corner pretty quickly, and in the early stages I was dicing with Fangio for the lead. First time through, touch the brakes, turn in - wham! Fangio goes by on the inside, oversteering it on the throttle! Later in the lap I got past again, then next time into the corner - wham! Exactly the same thing again. I don't know, maybe he wasn't braking at all ..."

Tony Brooks discussing The Curva Grande - Monza a 160 mph corner in 1957