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The biggest Grand Prix names outside of the US

There have been a lot of famous figures in the history of international single-seater auto racing Formula 1 or Grand Prix. It’s a sporting event that takes place over three days annually and it never loses popularity and spectators from all over the world wait impatiently for the new year to come to finally find out who will become the winner of the 2021 Formula 1 world championship. There have been a series of different kinds of races from 1950 and many things have changed for now. But the fact that the race is still one of the most popular events that people wait impatiently from year to year remains.

Most of the countries where sports racing is a popular activity take part in the Grand Prix tournaments. Despite the latest regulations by the FIA limiting the number of cars that can participate in the race, the event is still popular in many countries and drivers continue to work hard to get the amazing prize and become the winner of the race. Today we are going to introduce some of the greatest Grand Prix winners outside of the US which deserved the public’s attention and are considered as one of the most skillful drivers with great potential to succeed.

#1: Charles Leclerc

Probably if you are interested in sports racing tournaments, you have heard the name of Charles Leclerc who is at the top of the most successful Italian drivers of recent years. He is regarded as one of the highly talented drives of the new generation. The whole of Europe has been waiting impatiently for him to finally win the Grand Prix and in the 2020 tournament of Formula 1, he finally grabbed his Grand Prix prize and became a part of the most successful young drivers in Europe. Leclerc has been part of the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2016. His skills have been fascinating spectators from all over the world for years but until now he didn’t have the chance to become a winner.

Starting from 2019, he takes part in the Ferrari team until the end of the 2024 session and in the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix, he became the second-youngest driver to take part in Formula One at the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix. After this time, he became so iconic that people in Italy use him as a mascot to promote themselves. In fact, Charles has gained so much popularity in the whole of Europe that people in Italy view him as the one that put their country on the racing map, and therefore, they have dedicated lots of popular culture features to him.

Today you can see billboards with his figure all over the streets of Italian cities and his popularity even rises as more and more people are becoming fans of this young driver who couldn’t even have imagined to achieve that kind of popularity years ago. But now famous companies are asking him to take part in their commercials, reality shows are focused on his history and there are even casino games to play for free like Grand Prix and 24 Hour Grand Prix inspired by Charles where his signature cars and colors were used to build it.

One of the reasons why he became so popular especially among the youth may be his personal characteristics. Charles is widely considered as a brave driver as usually says in interviews that he just never fears. While sitting in the car he has absolutely no fear at all because he can’t imagine driving along the road that way. Therefore, as he said he will eventually stop competing if he ever feels that he’s afraid of racing because he just can’t be able to perform.

#2 Lewis Hamilton

Another great driver which is often referred to as one of the greatest drivers of all time is Lewis Hamilton. The British record-breaker keeps improving with the age. He barely put a wheel out of place during the last seasonal race, and not surprisingly people not only in Britain but in the whole world adore him as he just never loses. After starting to compete back in 2009, people have been constantly calling Hamilton the Man of Car as he’s been driving the fastest and most competitive cars for his entire racing career. His race craft has always been exceptional.

The special thing about Lewis Hamilton is that not only is he a beloved driver, but also he takes part in social life frequently. He may be the greatest British sportsman of all time on the track but also he’s a cultural icon. His anti-racist messages often inspire the public. He has been openly speaking about his experiences of racism which is why people believe in his sincerity and appreciate his dedication to change society for good.

#3 Max Verstappen

And the last outstanding Formula 1 drivers on this list is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen who is currently competing in Formula One, under the Dutch flag. The first time he one Grand Prix was back in 2015 in the Australian race and this was the time when he became the youngest driver to take part in this competition. Now he holds eight different prizes for winning in Formula one racing.

The thing that makes him so popular in Europe is that Max always knows how to do something in a completely different manner than anybody can imagine. He’s the only Dutch driver that has these many fans all over the world. His popularity is increasing even more and the experts predict that in the following years he will achieve so much success that he will become one of the most successful young drivers in the world.