Neubauer with von Brauchitsch, Caracciola and LangNeubauer overseeing preperation of "Avus" carNeubauer and Aymo Maggi (at right) at Mille Miglia

Moss and Neubauer discuss strategyAlfred NeubauerThe Victors - British Grand Prix

Neubauer, Moss Sr and Stirling celebrating new contractHitler meets Caracciola - Berlin 1937 von Brauchitsch, Neubauer and Otto Merz

Neubauer comes to the rescue of von BrauchitschNeubauer and the Mercedes GP TeamDon AlfredoPartners - Neubauer and Caracciola

Alfred Neubauer


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"The only thing I disliked about him was he made me get up too damned early"

Stirling Moss referring to Alfred Neubauer


At one dinner he gave a rendition and all present were thankful he became a racing team manager."

Erik Johnson, Mercedes PR, recalls Neubauer singing opera at a team function.


"He was an amazing character, who could have anybody snapping to attention if necessary, but would also show great thought and understanding, in relaxed moments he could have us all rolling about with laughter."

Stirling Moss referring to Alfred Neubauer