Swedish Winter Grand Prix

Sir Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird, Daytona, February 5, 1931

On February 5, 1931, Captain Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world's land speed record on his 1,300 h.p. Napier-Campbell "Bluebird" car by attaining a mean speed of 246.08 m.p.h. an average of runs in opposite directions. This speed is that achieved over the measured kilometre; over the measured mile his pace was slightly less, being 245.73 m.p.h. The record was previously held by the late Sir Henry Segrave who, on March 11, 1929, drove his Irving-Napier Special - "Golden Arrow" - through the mile at a mean speed of 231.36 m.p.h. The record runs were made on Ormonde Beach, Daytona, Florida, U.S.A.