Double-Twelve Race - Brooklands

Double-Twelve Race, Brooklands, May 8-9, 1931

Run off for the second time at Brooklands on May 8-9, this event was won on handicap by an M.G. Midget, driven in turn by the Earl of March and C.S. Staniland, at an average speed of 65.62 m.p.h., and covering a distance of 1,574.9 miles. Cars of this make took the first five places in the race. The event is run for 12 hours on Friday, when the cars are backed up and restarted at 8 a.m. the next morning for another twelve hours. There were forty-eight starters; but only twenty-four finished. The greatest actual distance was covered by a Talbot-1,902.9 miles which ran into 10th place on handicap.