Gilles Villeneuve

Gilles VilleneuveGilles VilleneuveGilles Villeneuve

Gilles Villeneuve and Enzo FerrariGilles Villeneuve

Gilles VilleneuveGilles VilleneuveGilles Villeneuve

Gille Villeneuve
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"Those few laps were just fantastic for me - out braking each other and trying to race for the line, touching each other but without wanting to put the other car out."

Gilles Villeneuve - Dijon, 1979

"I think I've proved that, in equal cars, if I want someone to stay behind me... well, I think he stays behind..."

Villeneuve discussing his disputed race with Pironi - Imola, 1982


"My past is scarred with grief ...father, mother, brother, sister, wife life is full of sad memories. I look back and I see my loved ones ...and among my loved ones I see the face of this great man: Gilles Villeneuve."

Enzo Ferrari on the death of Gilles Villeneuve

"I don't have any fear of a crash. No fear of that. Of course, on a fifth gear corner with a fence outside, I don't want to crash. I'm not crazy. But if its near the end of practice, and you're trying for pole position maybe, I guess you can squeeze the fear ..."

Gilles Villeneuve on Fear

"He's different from the rest of us, on a separate level ..."

Jacques Laffite describing Gilles